Is Your Mom a Helicopter?

Does the woman who gave birth to you still think you’re an extension of her own body that she needs to monitor and protect at all times? 

Does she hover over you, waiting to drop down and airlift you out of any difficult situation?

Is she a commercial helicopter, or more like a military one?

Take the quiz and see!

  • Does she follow you on all your social media sites to make sure you’re not being bullied?
  • Is she on a first-name basis with any of the teaching staff at your school, and has she verbally or physically threatened any of them who gave you a grade lower than an A minus?
  • Did she put that app on your phone so she can track your location at all times (or at least find your phone when you lose it)?
  • Does she do all your laundry? (Oops! That was for the ‘Is your Mom a Doormat’ quiz.)
  • Does she bring your lunch to school when you leave it at home?
  • Does she start spitting, rolling her eyes and threatening to get the coach sacked if things go wrong at practice?
  • Has she offered to write your college essay?
  • Has she tracked down a professional who can do an even better job writing your college essay?
  • When you went for your first solo drive after getting your license, did a sudden strangled shriek from the back alert you to the fact that she was hiding on the floor behind the driver’s seat?
  • Does she count your calories?
  • Does she lay out your clothes for the next day?
  • Did she choose your prom dress?
  • Did she choose the boy you went to prom with?

Okay, if you answered yes to even half of these questions, your mom needs to get a life! And you need to help her by gently snapping the blades of that helicopter!

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