Women's Fiction

Married With Baggage

When Annie was swept off her feet by handsome widower Simon, she willingly promised to have and to hold all that he held dear, including his daughter, Lydia.  Lydia's mother died years before in a sailing accident and it's clear from the start that the young girl doesn't welcome her new stepmother.

As a lucrative job offer for Simon forces them all to decamp to America, Annie has a lot to learn.   How do you fit in in a close-knit US town? What makes her daughter tick? And how do you try to convince your new husband that he's done the right thing in marrying in haste?

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(Only Available in the U.K.)


this is modern-day chick-lit at its finest”

Leigh Andrews, Media Update

For every woman who's had to juggle the complexities of step-parenting, this sharp and funny look at the world of modern families will ring very true indeed”

Jonathan Ball Publishers

No excess baggage in this fun read”

Femina Magazine